5 Pips A Day Forex Expert Advisor!

Interestingly, 5 Pips A Day Forex Robot just makes 5 pips in a day. The developers of this 5 Pips A Day EA have posted a video that you might want to take a look at as it explains this 5 pips a day strategy. You might be thinking making 5 pips a day is a ridiculous idea. So you must watch this video below that explains why just making 5 pips a day is enough for you to make a ton of money.

What this robot does is make 2 trades on EUR/USD pair daily. These two trades can make a few couple of pips as a profit to more than 10 pips. During 10 years of backtesting, this strategy only lost once. Yes, there was only 1 losing trade during 10 years of back testing. You can take a detailed look at the back testing results posted on the myfxbook site. This is the screenshot of the backtesting results posted on the myfxbook site.

5 Pips A Day

No live trading results have been posted. After doing a 10 year back test, the developer of this EA are claiming that their robot makes 99.9% accurate trades. Back testing has got limitations. It ignores many things like slippage, latency etc. So what you need to do is if you get interested, download this 5 Pip A Day EA and do a forward test yourself. This robot comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. You can do the forward test on the demo account for one month. Choose the lowest risk settings of 1%. Install the EA properly and let it run for one month. At the end of the month, check what was the gain made during the month and what was the drawdown. If the gain is acceptable and the drawdown is not much, you can further test this EA on a live account with a small deposit of $200. Do the testing for one more month before you make your final decision. If the drawdown is high and the gain is very small, simply get a refund.