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  • Evgenia Shevel

    January 23, 2014


    My name is Evgenia I represent InstaForex Company, one of the largest brokers, rendering high-quality trading services on Forex –

    InstaForex Company is the Best Broker in Asia according to the results of World Finance Awards and international exhibition ShowFx Asia.

    We are happy to announce that, besides the advantageous trading terms, our company is also glad to offer you an efficient tool for developing your Internet project – InstaForex informers.

    Informers are automatically updated graphic figures, an inexhaustible source of finance information. You can add InstaForex informers onto your web-site, blog or web-page for free.

    There are the following informers available at present:

    Forex quotes – over 25 designs of online updated quotes informer of all currency pairs;
    Forex news – the news line from the leading world inform agencies;
    Forex charts – the dynamics of the currency movements in online graphs;
    The pair chart – the currency pair movement in the online chart;
    RSS-line – the line with online quotes rates and Forex news;
    News at page – the hottest news of Forex market at your page;
    Sell/Buy Quotes – the currency rates for the sell/buy operations online;
    Analytics on page – the informer which allows you to create easily the section of your web-site devoted to forex-analyse;
    InstaForex TV – a real Forex television: analytical reviews, interviews, analysis and news;
    Economic Calendar – all the important events that drive the financial markets;
    Rebate Calculator – enables your clients to count the rebate they can get when trading in your Partner Group;
    Graphic Button – good way to attract the attention of the client – bright button with key-words;
    Market Prices – nice mapping of price and trend of chosen instruments;
    Option Purchase – the calculator of the profit your clients can get from option trading;
    Economic Event Timer – displays remaining time, current and forecast values for the most important indexes and expected news;
    World interest rates – multifunctional informer displaying rates, quotes and currency converter;
    Hot forum threads – all important posts of the popular topics on forum in one informer.
    You can alter the external view of an informer so that it matched with the design and peculiarities of your web-site: adjust its size, select a suitable colour and text parameters.

    If you are InstaForex partner, you are welcome to use our Informers as an additional tool to refer customers to your partner group. All you need is to put your individual affiliate code into the Informer Code before placing the Informer in at your website. Each customer who has followed the link of Informer, visited and opened an account with InstaForex, will be automatically referred to your partner group.

    Further information on our informers is at the official site of InstaForex Company, in the section Forex Informers.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. We will be glad to consult you.

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    Best Regards,
    Evgenia Shevel
    Partner Relations Department
    InstaForex Companies Group

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