Auto Bitcoin Cash Software By Joseph Tanner

This Auto Bitcoin Cash software has been developed by Joseph Tanner. In 2011, Joseph Tanner discovered bitcoins when one of his friends introduced them to him. Before that he had no idea what were bitcoins. In Feb 2011, he purchased 500 bitcoins for $1 each costing him a total of $500. All day he was researching analyzing bitcoin charts. In July 2011, he sold those 500 bitcoins at the rate of $30 per bitcoin making a hefty profit of $15K. He was right after a few days he sold them, price again fell to $2 per bitcoin. So he again bought them.

Joseph decided to code his system. He advertised for a coder locally. He found a good coder and asked him to sign a non disclosure agreement. Both of them successfully coded the software and named it the Auto Bitcoin Cash. Joseph Tanner claims that he spent $15K from his pocket getting the software coded by the programmer. In July 2010, Bitcoins were only $0.08 now they are selling above $1000. Major news sites are now featuring bitcoins regularly all day long. Joseph Tanner shows a number of his bank accounts. One bank account contains more than  a million dollar, another more than three million dollars and another more than two million dollars. Joseph claims that he has made this money using his Auto Bitcoin Cash software.

Auto Bitcoin Cash

So you can see Joseph Tanner is a rich man and why shouldn’t he be. He bought bitcoins when they were trading for $1 and then sold them when they are trading at $1000.