Auto Pip Predator Makes This Ex-Farm Boy $264.78K Profit In 12 Months!

Auto Pip Predator is an automated trading strategy developed by Lukas Murray from Cape Town, South Africa. Auto Pip Predator automated trading strategy made a profit of $26.86K in 3 months and a profit of $62.78K in 6 months. It also made a profit of $264.78K in 12 months. Lukas Murray is claiming that his Auto Pip Predator strategy is making him on average $30K per month. As a student of economics at the University of Johannesburg, his real obsession was forex trading. He made a profit of $15.4K from 7 trades in just 9 days. But the problem was he was trading his forex strategy manually. He would be sitting in front of the computer waiting for a trading signal.

What he needed to do was to automate his forex strategy. Lukas teamed up with a programmer and was able to automate his forex strategy. It took him around one year to automate his forex strategy and then test it thoroughly. He is now offering his Auto Pip Predator automated forex strategy for a small price to anyone who is interested in trading forex. He is also giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. You can thoroughly test his automated forex strategy on the demo account for two months RISK FREE and make your decision whether you want to trade live with it or get a refund.

Auto Pip Predator

This is the screenshot of what you will see on the chart when you trade with the Auto Pip Predator EA. Now this is what you should do! Test this Auto Pip Predator EA on the demo account for one month. Choose the lowest risk setting of 1%. Let Auto Pip Predator EA work on the demo account without interruption for a period of 30 days. At the end of the one month, check if the return is good and the drawdown is not high, you can plan to trade live with this Auto Pip Predator Robot. Just open a live account with a deposit of $300. Choose the risk setting of 1% and then let Auto Pip Predator trade for one more month on the live account. Testing on a live account is a must. If something works on the demo account, it is no guarantee that it will work on the live account. Only by testing on the live account you can find out whether this Auto Pip Predator System will work or not!