Effortless Pips A Simple System That Have Made Around 10,000 Pips Since January!

Effortless Pips is a 100% mechanical forex system developed by Gerald Copley. Effortless Pips according to the developer Gerald Copley has made around 10,000 pips since January this year. This Effortless Pips System is ideal for those people who have a day job and can’t find time during the day to trade the currency market. If you have been trading for a while you must be knowing by now that trading on the higher timeframes like the daily and the weekly is much easier as compared to trading on the lower timeframes like 5 minute or the 15 minutes.There is a lot of noise on the lower timeframes which will give you a lot of false signals whereas on the higher timeframe the noise is less and the market direction is much clearer.

Effortless Pips System trades on the higher timeframes of daily and the weekly. You will trade with the overall trend. When the trend on the daily and the weekly time frame are in agreement, you will use 1 hour time frame to make the entry. The average stop loss will be around 70 pips and the average reward to risk ratio will be about 2:1. With this Effortless Pips System, you will spend maximum 1-2 hours trading daily.

There will be ample time to only pick those pairs that look the best opportunity this includes pairs that normally have a higher spread. There is no worry about the news and you can let the trades run until the outcome. As said above, you will be only trading with the trend. This will increase your odds of winning. Gerald Copley has perfected a template and custom indicators that remove the grey area and show you precisely where to enter.

The trades will be preset with pending orders. No need to use market orders. You will  be able to place pending orders before the trade with the precise stop loss and the take profit targets. This is what you will get when you download the Effortless Pips System:

1. A manual that will explain in detail how to trade with the Effortless Pips System.
2. Custom EP Template that you will install on your MT4 platform
3. Custom EP Trend Indicator for MT4
4. Custom EP Time Indicator for MT4
5. Custom EP RSI Indicator for MT4
6. Custom EP Arrow Indicator for MT4

Gerald Copley the developer of this Effortless Pips System is also giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you want you can test this system on your demo account RISK FREE for two months.