Forex Dominator A Breakthrough Software With 84% Accuracy!

Forex Dominator is a new breakthrough forex software. This Forex Dominator Software incorporates the amazing trading approach of a hedge fund manager who never have had a losing year in 25 years of active trading. According to Cecil Robles, the creator of Forex Dominator Software this is the first time that a forex software has been developed that clones what the hedge fund pros do to dominate the currency market. Cecil Robles is an accomplished and a very successful trader and he on and off releases a new forex course or a forex software. He has made a few videos that explain how this Forex Dominator Software works. You must watch these videos that reveal the true power and potential of this forex software.

Forex Dominator Software

Cecil Robles was kind enough to send a copy of this Forex Dominator Software that I could download and then test on the demo account. I have attached the screenshot of the Forex Dominator in action above. This software works best on H1, H4 and D1 timeframes. The good thing about using this software is that it sends trade alerts via email as well as sms. It wont take you more than 5-10 minutes daily to trade with this software. There is a build in money management tool that will help reduce risk when you trade using this software. Forex Dominator Software works on three levels:

1. Trend Trading

2. Counter Trend Trading

3. Pull Back Trading

All these 3 trading techniques have been combined in this powerful software that spits out trade alerts and let’s the trader determine the money management part automatically. An accuracy of 84% means that out of 10 trades, 8 will be winners on average. Now this is not a black box system but you can call it a grey box system as almost something like 99% of the work will be done for you by this software. However, you will also be taught the intelligence and the system behind this software by Cecil Robles. So don’t miss watching these Forex Dominator videos made by Cecil Robles and also don’t forget to take part in the $1K trading account, $500 trading account and the $250 trading account FREE give away by Cecil Robles.