Forex Libra Code Cash Flow Channels System FREE Download

Did you read our post on the Random Walk With GBPUSD one fine morning? If you ask a quant working in a hedge fund, he will tell you that price is just a random walk. If you ask him how to predict price, he will tell you to build a Kalman Filter or use a Wavelet Transform. What to do if you don’t know how to build a Kalman Filter or use a Wavelet Transform? Download this simple Cash Flow Channels System and see if you are making consistently winning trades. Why make things complicated if you can make do with simple systems.

Reward/Risk is an important matrix for any trading system. Higher the Reward/Risk, the more profitable the system will be. If you have a system with Reward/Risk of 10:1, you can make 10 times on your initial investment. But market moves with this big Reward/Risk (R/R) don’t occur on daily basis. So what to do? Lower the R/R ratio to the reasonable level of 2:1 and you will find many trades on daily basis. Cash Flow Channels is a trading system that has a R/R of 2:1. You can download Cash Flow Channels Trading System 17 page PDF, template and indicators FREE.

Cash Flow Channels

You can see in the above screenshot how this system works. This Cash Flow Channels System is a gift from Vladimir Ribakov a professional trader. He is launching his new product Forex Libra Code. As part of the prelaunch sequence, he is giving away his Cash Flow Channels System FREE. Just a few days back, he is gave away his Double Profit Levels System FREE. Just download these 2 systems and try them on your demo account. Don’t worry you can download both these 2 systems gratis.

Vladimir Ribakov will also give away a copy of his Forex Libra Code gratis to the winner of the person who leaves the best comment on his website. So when you download these 2 system make sure you leave a comment as well on the download site. The comment should stand out from the rest of the comments. Just take sometime to read the comments left by other people. Then write your own comment and make sure you leave the ebst comment. After a few days, Vladimir Ribakov will select the best comments and they will given his Forex Libra Code gratis. Now even if you don’t win Forex Libra Code gratis, you can download it and try it for 60 days as it has an iron clad 60 days money back guarantee with it.

The first thing that you need to do is understand the system, install the indicators and the template. Then test it on your demo account. Cash Flow Channels System determines the trading direction on the daily chart. Then it uses H4 and H1 chart to make the entry decisions. Cash Flow Channels System has a Reward-To-Risk Ratio of 2:1. What this means is that if the stop loss is 30 pips, take profit level will be 60 pips. So you will easily double your investment with this system. Suppose you lose a trade. The stop loss was 30 pips. In the next trade, suppose you have a stop loss of 30 pips. If you win that trade you make 60 pips. So you are net 30 pips in profit in 2 trades even when you lose the first trade. As said above, you should test these system on the demo account. Testing means you should make at least 50 trades with this system on the demo account. After 50 trades calculate the average winrate and the performance of this system. If you are satisfied with the performance of this system, you can start trading live with Cash Flow Channels System. Did you check the Fibo Machine PRO Indicator? This indicator uses fibonacci levels in trading.

Cash Flow Channels System uses the 1-2-3 pattern to make the entry decision. You should read the 17 page PDF and understand the rules of the system before you start trading with it. As said above, first test the system on the demo account and make sure you test it thoroughly before you start trading live with Cash Flow Channels System.