Forex Profit Ribbon System FREE Download

Russ Horn is a great forex trader. He is giving his Forex Profit Ribbon Trading System FREE. Russ Horn is considered to be one of the great forex traders. He is releasing his new product with the name Forex Equinox. As part of the pre-launch sequence, he is giving his Forex Profit Ribbon System FREE. This is a very simple system that can make you 30 pips daily. The winrate of this system is above 90%. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Forex Ribbon System

You can see in the above screenshot, this is a simple trading system. Simple systems are the ones that work best. As said above, this system has got above 90% average winrate and it makes on average 30 pips per trade. This system only used 2 indicators. One is the Ribbon and the other is CCI (Commodity Channel Index).. Russ Horn has explained everything in a 14 page PDF. You can download that 14 page PDF and go through it. The download file also has got the indicators and the templates plus an installer that will automatically install the template and indicators. Below is another screenshot of the Forex Ribbon System.

Forex Ribbon System

As you can see in the above screenshot, Russs Horn explains everything in great detail so that you don’t face any difficulty when trading with this simple system.Ribbon consists of 7 moving averages that have been shifted 1 period. For a long trade, price should close above the ribbon and for a short trade, price should close below the ribbon. Go through the PDF in which Russ Horn explains everything.

Forex Ribbon System

CCI is being used as a filter. As said above when price closes above the ribbon, you can go long and when price closes below the ribbon, you can go short. But in the above screenshot, you can see price did go above the ribbon but then it retraced. If you had taken this long trade, it would resulted in a bad trade. For the long signal, price should close above the ribbon  and CCI should be blue. In the above screenshot, you can see this is not the case. So you don’t take this trade. in the same manner,for a short trade price should close below the ribbon and CCI should be red. In the above screenshot, price did close below the ribbon, but CCI didn’t turn red so you don’t take the short trade.

Forex Ribbon System

In the PDF, Russ Horn also explains the rules that will help you avoid a late entry. So everything has been explained in great detail in the PDF and you should not face any difficulty in trading with this system.

In the next few days, Russ Horn will release his main product Forex Equinox. You can win a copy of Forex Equinox gratis by leaving a comment when you download Forex Profit Ribbon system. Take 5-10 minutes to leave a great comment below the Forex Profit Ribbon system download page. Russ Horn will go through all the comments and choose the top 3 comments. The makers of these 3 best comments will get his Forex Equinox system gratis. Go through the comments that have already been made by other people. This will give you a good idea on what to write in the comment.

Forex trading can be a lucrative hobby. Russ Horn shares the story of a retired postman Bill. Bill worked as a postman for 35 years delivering post from house to house. When he retired,he  developed a secret hobby. He started trading forex. His first year was not successful. But then he found a good mentor who taught him how to trade forex successfully. So instead of fishing or playing golf, he started spending time trading forex. After a few years, on a Christmas morning he gave one envelope each to his 2 grown up children and 5 grand children.  When they opened the envelopes they were stunned to find a check for one million dollar each. Now this story is true as it has been related by Russ Horn.

You can see how much profitable forex trading can be. The problem with most traders is that they don’t take risk management seriously. Always make sure that  you take risk management seriously. When you download Forex Profit Ribbon system, first test it on your practice account. You should make at least 50 trades with the system. Once you have made the trades, calculate the average winrate as well as average size of the win. This will give you a good idea about the system.

People call Russ Horn a forex genius. He has spend countless hours in front of charts monitoring economic news and making trades on his real money live accounts. He worked hard and fine tuned his trading system that will be released as Forex Equinox. I have given you a simple method to win a copy of his system gratis. If you can’t win the system gratis, you can still test his system RISK FREE for 60 days as Russ Horn is giving full 60 days of money back guarantee. So don’t worry at all. When you download his main Forex Equinox system and go through, you will be really impressed by it.