Forex Trend Dominator An Accurate Trend Lines System With Trading Signals!

Forex Trend Dominator is an accurate Trend Line System. This is a manual trading system with fast trading signal alerts. Forex Trend Dominator System has been created by a former educator, a devoted mother and a part time trader with the help of a former financial business executive who makes a living by trading. This Trend Dominator System is simple to use and understand and works for all types of traders.

Whether you are a scalper or a swing trader who likes to hold a position for days, you can use this trend system. This system works on all timeframes and you can even use it for trading gold, oil and silver. It even works great on the M1 timeframe. The Forex Trend Dominator System simple instruction manual will help you setup the plugin template on the MT4 chart. There are numerous examples with pictures in the manual that will show you different chart setups on multiple timeframes and when to trade and when to avoid trading. You will also be provided with instructions on how to setup the trade alerts using email as well as cell phone text messages.

Trend is your best friend, you will be often told. All you need to know is whether the trend is up or down and when you need to enter it and when to exit to make pips. To do that many traders overload their charts with junk systems or indicators and fall victim to the dreadful analysis paralysis syndrome. With a few losing trades in a row, their confidence in that system is shattered. What you need to do is avoid false signals when trading trends. False signals only result in lost trades and frustration.However with this simple system, you will know when the trend is up or when it is down and when you should enter it and when you should exit it.

The developer of this system is a former educator with an MSED degree, grades k-12. She has taught hundreds of students with varying levels of intelligence. So she has considered a range of intelligence levels while creating this trend dominator system. The result is a system that have been developed keeping in view the short attention span that most people have.  Forex Trend Dominator System is color coordinated with dashboard displays.

You can download this system and test it on the demo account for a period of two months RISK FREE. It has got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If it works keep it and if it doesn’t work, get a refund within this period. As always first test the system thoroughly on the demo account. Only trade live when you have thoroughly tested the system on the demo account. Entering each trade alert in a trading journal is always a good practice. At the end of the month, do some maths and check how many signals were generated by this system and what was the average win rate of the system. The developer of this system has also developed a FT Dominator Profit Protector EA. This Profit Protector EA protects the profits. You just need to input the number of pips that the EA should close the trade on a retracement or a reversal. This EA can also help you alleviate stop hunting which some brokers love to indulge in. The developer of this system promises to send this FT Dominator Profit Protector EA FREE after 62 days.