FREE FX Binary Code Presentation That Shows A Simple Method To Turn $100 Into $181 Every 15 Minutes!

In this FX Binary Code FREE presentation, you will learn a simple method to trade fx binary options. When you trade binary options, you just need to predict the market direction correctly. If you have a method that can tell you that in the next 15-60 minutes the prices will move up, you can buy a call option with an expiry of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes whatever suits you. Binary options unlike forex and stocks give you a fixed payoff that can be from 71% to 81% (depending on the broker) in case you have made the right bet. In case, you make the bet in the wrong direction, you get zero payoff and lose your initial investment. So theoretically you can make $81 after every 15 minutes on every $100 that you invest in a binary options.

Unlike forex or stocks, there is no stop loss or take profit. The return is fixed. It is 71-81% depending on the broker. The risk is your investment. If you make the wrong bet, you will lose the amount that you invested. But if you make the right bet and win, you will be making 71% to 81%. Let’s make this more clear with an example. Suppose you think that GBPUSD rate will go up in the next 15-60 minutes. One way is to open a trade with a stop loss and a take profit target with a forex broker.

Another method is to invest say $100 on a call option having an expiry of 15 minutes with a binary options broker. Suppose the rate now is 1.5843. You think that after 15 minutes this rate will be 1.5863. When you buy a call option, it means you are bullish and are betting that the market rate will be higher when the call option expires after 15 minutes from what it is now.

Now after 15 minutes if the rate is say 1.5853, you win and make a profit of $81 on your investment of $100. And in case suppose GBPUSD rate after 15 minutes is 1.5833, you lose your $100 investment. This is how binary options work. So the most important thing is to figure out whether the market will be up or down after a certain period of time. If you think that the market will be down, you will buy a put option.

The problem is how to predict the market direction correctly with a high degree of probability. This FREE FX Binary Options Presentation is going to show you a simple method that you can use to determine the trend and then make a prediction with a high degree of confidence that the market will be up after 15 minutes or 60 minutes or not. After watching this FREE FX Binary Options, you will be amazed at how simple the trend identification method is. You can then open a practice account with a binary options broker and check the win rate of this simple FX Binary Code method.