FX Market Manager David Elder Made $424K Last Year!

David Elder is the FX Market Manager. David Elder started trading in 1983 for the large multinational banks trading emerging market equity derivatives. Then he was hired by a hedge fund to oversee their global equity proprietary trading. After trading for the hedge funds for 5 years, David Elder realized that money is in the forex market and not in the derivative market or the stock market. With his FX Market Manager, he is sharing the Da Vinci Code of Investment Banking with you. You should watch the FX Market Manager video presentation made by David Elder. Now David Elder claims that he made $424,325.80 last year alone. He claims he made $67,126.97 in just 1 day and he made $81,783.26 in one week. Below is a screenshot that he says supports his above claim.

FX Market Manager

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