FX Race To $100K!

FX Race To $100K is an automated trading strategy developed by Sam Haley, a pro forex trader from Los Angeles. Sam is claiming that he made $102,479.10 profit in June 2012 and then repeated that again in July by making $106,954.20 and in August, he is already up by $51,335.87 profit. You can take a look at the screenshot of a few trades made by this FX Race to $100K below!

FX Race To $100K

Forex Race To $100K

You can also take a journey to $100K month with this FX Race to $100K software. It has got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. Keep this fact in mind most automated forex systems don’t work at all. You will be shown fake account statements. But when you try trade with it, you will get one losing trade after another. Some do work. You will have to do testing to figure out whether this software is going to work or not. So first install it on the demo account and let it run uninterrupted for a month. At the end of the month, check did it make $100K. If it didn’t and you find the performance to be poor and the draw down to be high, simply get a refund considering your journey to $100K month a failure.

However, if it does made more than $100K in that month, let it run uninterrupted for another month. At the end of second month, check once again how much did it made. Once again if it didn’t make $100K simply get a refund. Always make it a rule that you are not going to trade live with any new forex system or software without first testing it thoroughly on the demo account. This will help you a lot in avoiding a huge drawdown when trading live.

As a rule of thumb always first test a new system or software for at least two months on the demo account. This will not only help you in becoming familiar with the new system or software but you will also know after a few weeks whether this system has the potential to make some serious pips or not. If a software can’t work on a demo account, it will never work on a live account. Once you have thoroughly tested a new system or a new software on the demo account, only then take the risk of trading live with it. Good Luck!