How To Develop Your Forex Trading Plan 1 Hour Video Tutorial

The most important thing is your trading pan. Forex trading is a business. Just like any other business you need a plan. If you have your forex trading plan right, you are going to achieve your financial goals. If you don’t have a forex trading plan, forget about becoming a successful trader. Your trading plan encompasses everything. It tells you which forex strategy you are going to use, what time you will trade, what currency pair you are going to trade, how big will be your stop loss per trade and what will your take profit target. So your forex trading plan is much bigger than your forex strategy. Forex strategy is just the means or what you call one of the tools to implement your trading plan. Your trading plan also tells you how much return per month you are going to strive for. Watch this 55 minute video tutorial on how to develop your forex trading plan.

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Second video explains how to determine the concept you want to trade.

This video talks about determining the timeframe you want to trade should be an important part of your trading plan!

Risk management is the most important part of your trading plan!

Your trading plan should specifically fix the stop loss per trade as well as the exit strategy!

Expectancy is an important part of your trading plan!

There are certain biases in trading that your trading plan should address. In other words your trading plan should be able to deal with your psychology

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