How To Read Forex Charts 60 Minute Video Tutorial

Reading the charts correctly the most important skill that a new trader should try to master. Always trade in the direction of the trend. But how to determine the trend. You can do that by looking at the charts. Watch the video tutorials below that teach how to read the forex charts correctly and how to make the right entry and exit.

Watch this video also which gives you more tips on how to read the charts correctly!

As these videos teach the crux of all trading lies in risk management. When you are managing your risk properly you can lose 10 trades in  a row and still suffer a miner drawdown in your account equity. Below is another good video on how to read the charts correctly.

With practice you will develop the skill to just take a glance at a chart and know where the market is going. In our trading strategy, H4 chart is the most important chart. If you want to know more about trading system, you can subscribe to our swing trading newsletter.