Magic Forex Candlesticks And Magic Forex Divergence FREE PDFs!

You can download these two Magic Forex Candlesticks and Magic Forex Divergence PDFs FREE. Magic Forex Candlesticks and Magic Forex Divergence PDFs are written by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin. Both Tim and Julie are accomplished traders. In the Magic Forex Candlesticks PDF, you will discover a very simple scalping strategy that can be used on any timeframe from 1 minute to daily, weekly as well as monthly in any market.

Candlestick patterns are considered to be leading indicators of trend reversal. Most other technical indicators are lagging but candlestick patterns are one of the leading indicators when it comes to the price action reversing its direction. Candlestick patterns not only predict the trend reversal but they also tell whether the existing trend is going to continue or not. So it is very important for you to master how to use candlestick patterns in your trading.

Many traders have this misconception that scalping is only possible on the short timeframes like 1 minute or 5 minute charts. Nothing can be further from the truth. Infact you can scalp on the daily, weekly and even monthly charts. Scalping means quickly entering and exiting the market. So when scalping on the daily charts, you will only trade one candle. Download the Magic Forex Candlesticks PDF and discover a simple scalping strategy known by the name of Lucky Spike that can be used on any timeframe to trade any market from forex to commodities.

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After going through the Magic Forex Candlesticks PDF, you can also try the Candlesticks Patterns Recognizer Software RISK FREE for 60 days. This Candlestick Patterns Recognizer Software as the above picture shows will automatically give you an alert whenever there is an important candlestick pattern that is formed. It can recognize upto 40 candlestick patterns and can help you a lot when making your trading decisions.

In the same manner when you download Magic Forex Divergence PDF, you will learn how to trade with divergence patterns. Divergence is also considered to be a very important trend reversal signal. There are many traders who only trade with divergences.

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As the above picture shows, a divergence pattern is formed when the price action and the indicator move in the opposite direction meaning the price action is making a low and the indicator is making a high or the price action is making a high and the indicator is making a low. When this pattern develops, it means the trend is about to change. You can use MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, Williams %R etc for divergence trading. Download this Magic Forex Divergence PDF FREE and discover the secrets of divergence trading.