Professional Forex Tool By Ezekiel Chew

This Professioanl Forex Tool developed by Ezekiel Chew provides many features that are not available in the standard MT4 platform. You just enter the desired level of risk and the tool will automatically calculate the lot size for you. For example, you are comfortable with 2% risk, the Forex Tool will automatically calculate the lot size depending on the stop loss and the account equity. You don’t need to bother calculating the lot size. As the account equity grows, the tool automatically adjust the lot size with it. Watch this video that explains in detail what this tool can do to improve your trading results.


Currency market is driven by the fundamentals. When there is a high impact news, you will see the market moving up and down violently. Daily you need to know when there is a news release. For example there was today GBP CPI y/y release. Market moved down 100 pips. This tool will tell you when there is a news release scheduled. So you know in advance when the news is going to be released and whether you want to trade it or stay out of it. So whatever pair you are trading, this tool will show news related to that pair on your screen.

Forex Tool

As you can see in the above screenshot, this tool is telling you that there is a Core CPI y/y news release in 4 hours and 43 minutes. So you can plan your trade accordingly. If you are afraid about the volatility, you can close the trade 30 minutes prior to the news release. This tool will also show you how much time is left before the candle will close. This tool will also shift the stop loss accordingly to your target without you doing it manually.