Quantum Binary Software By Warren Hendrix

This Quantum Binary Software has been developed by Warren Hendrix. Warren Hendrix is claiming that he is making a fortune trading with his Quantum Binary Software. Take a look at the following screenshot posted by Warren Hendrix!

Quantum Binary Software

You never know these types of screenshots can be Photoshopped. Only Warren Hendrix know whether he really did make this much money or not. However in order to prove his claim he has posted another screenshot on his Quantum Binary Software site. Take a look at the second screenshot below.

Quantum Binary Software

This second screenshot it seems has been posted just for the skeptics like you and me. This letter purports to be from the EZTrader broker that Warren Hendrix has a trading account with them. If you take a look at the right of the above screenshot, you will find an amount of $2.77 million shown. Warren Hendrix says that his software uses a unique Quantum Probability Code Technology. Whatever the test of a pudding lies in eating it. If this Quantum Binary Software is so good, it will also make money for you.

So you need to test it first on the demo account. Now most binary brokers don’t provide a demo account. Don’t worry just paper trade with the signals generated by this Quantum Binary Broker software. Open your MT4 platform. Note the price at the time the signal is generated. Also note the price at the expiry of the option. Make an excel worksheet and enter these prices in it plus note whether the trade was  a winner or a loser. At the end of the month, calculate the winning percentage of this Quantum Binary Software. If the winning percentage is not good, simply get a refund.