Trend Trading Blueprint By Russell Maxwell And John Chen Made 766 Pips From Just 1 Trade!

This Trend Trading Blueprint has been developed by Russell Maxwell and John Chen. This is a powerful Trend Trading Blueprint that helps you to identify the trend with perfect timing. What’s the use of entering into a trend when it is close to reversing. This is what most inexperienced traders do. They let the trend develop and only enter when it is confirmed. On the other hand, pro traders try to catch the trend in its infancy when it has just started. This way they are able to grab the maximum number of pips.

You will keep on hearing this thing: Trend is your friend. But how to trade the trend needs training and practice. If you try to trade the trend the wrong way, you will make more losing trades and very few winning trades. This Trend Trading Blueprint can show you how to trade the trend with the perfect timing. Timing is of essence when you trade the trend. Enter the trend late, chances are you will find it reversing pretty soon. Enter it too early, you might find that the trend did not develop as you had thought. What is the right time to enter the trend? You will learn in this blueprint by John Chen and Russell Maxwell.

This Trend Trading Blueprint made 766 pips when it identified an uptrend developing on the USDCHF pair on August 5th, 2008. The signal to close the trade was generated using this trend trading blueprint on September 12th, 2008. Total pips made 766. If you had been trading with just 1 standard lot, it would have meant making $6,235.24 in about one month and seven days. How much time was taken to daily monitor the trend? Not more than 15 minutes.

Trend Trading Blueprint

Now, the reward to risk ratio of this trade was 4.79. The risk was 160 pips and the take profit was 766. This is something very important when you trade: only enter those trades that have a high reward to risk ratio. This Trend Trading Blueprint let’s you do just that by identifying high reward to risk trades. If you had traded with 2 standard lots, you could have made more than $12K in around 1 month from just one trade. It all depends on the level of confidence you have in your trading system. One position sizing strategy is to add one more lot when the first position breakseven. Then add another lot when the second position breakseven.

This Trend Trading Blueprint developed by John Chen and Russell Maxwell is not free. It costs $19.95 but there is a full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. You might want to try this Trend Trading Blueprint first on your demo account. It comes with the template, indicators and a manual that explains the theory behind the trend trading blueprint. If in two months, you don’t make good trades using this Trend Trading Blueprint on the demo account, you should simply ask for a refund.

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