Covert Pips Gainer System Has A Winrate Of 92.7%

Covert Pips Gainer System has been developed by Travis Taylor. Travis Taylor claims that with his Covert Pips System, you can start with $100 and in a few months time built up an income stream of $4K/month. He says he easily makes $400 daily with his system by trading around 15-20 minutes per day. He has posted a Bank of America screenshot also that show how much he is making with this Covert Pips Gainer System.

Covert Pips Gainer

As you can see from the above screenshot Travis Taylor is making good money trading with his system. According to Travis Taylor, his Covert Pips Gainer System is a comprehensive course that will teach you how Travis makes 40-70 pips daily like a clockwork. The system is a combination of market trend, market volume and price action. There is a full colored manual that explains this Covert Pip Gainer System in great detail. Indicators and templates are also provided with the manual and there is an automatic installer as well that will install the system automatically onto your MT4 platform. Below is a screenshot of this system in action!

Covert Pips Gainer

As you can see this this system made an easy 398 pips on a EUR/USD short trade. The timeframe for this system is H1. If you are interested, you can download this Covert Pips Gainer System and test it on the demo account for 60 days.