EURNZD Swing Trade That Made 1000 Pips In 7 Days With A low Risk Of 20 Pips

EURNZD is a pair that trends well. You can use this pair for swing trading. Just like all EUR pair, EURNZD can give you low risk and high reward trades. Spread is high and something like 10 pips with our broker. So when you trade take care of this spread. In this post we are going to discuss a swing trade that made 900 pips in just 7 days with a small stop loss of 30 pips. Take a look at the following chart.


Can you see the 2 down red arrows in the above chart? This is the entry point. We made an entry at 1.49400 and our stop loss is 1.49200. Our risk is only 20 pips. We used a pending buy limit order in this case. By looking at the H1 chart, we knew this is the turning point for the market, so we place a buy limit order and let the market take care of our pending order.

Our pending order got filled. The trade continued for 7 days and we closed the trade at 1.49400 making 1000 pips with a small risk of 20 pips. This gives us an excellent reward to risk ratio of 1000/20 or 50:1. Wow! How did we manage that? Just by looking at the charts and reading price action.

Now when we open the trade we have no idea how many pips we are going to make. Any profit that is above 20 pips will give us a reward to risk ratio greater than 1:1. So we don’t care even if we lose 20 pips. We let the trade continue and close it when have reached the profit of 1000 pips. We could have build a pyramid and doubled our profit but we didn’t. We just take it easy now and don’t try to make our life miserable by opening more positions. We are trading on the daily timeframe so making profit of 1000 pips is not difficult. The most important thing for us is to find low risk entries.