Forex Mastery Education Program By Kelvin Lee

Forex Mastery Education Program by Kelvin Lee is an excellent program for traders who want to improve their accuracy in trading. I myself has bought this Forex Mastery Education Program and I am going through it. Forex Mastery Education Program has got 12 modules which Kelvin Lee calls Lessons. Each lesson will be sent after 7 days so that you can understand, digest and practice the previous lesson before you get the new lesson. You get the following lessons by Kelvin Lee in his Forex Mastery Education Program:

Lesson 1: Special Fibonacci Techniques are going to show how to draw the most accurate fibonacci levels that will drastically increase your winning percentage by giving you a very precise entry point far in advance. With this lesson you will be able to enter a trend at a very early stage and you will be able to predict with a high level of accuracy when the trend is going to reverse itself.

Lesson 2: Multiple Fibonacci System is going to show you the extremely strong level of support and resistance where the price has above 90% chance of reversing itself. Most support and resistance levels are easily broken by price. With this Multiple Fibonacci System lesson, you will be able to draw the extremely strong level of support and resistance which price is going to respect 90% of the time. This lesson is going to help you increase your winning percentage a lot.

Lesson 3: M Pivot System is going to teach you how to find the range of the day. With this range knowledge you will be able to know in advance how many pips price will move during the day and when you should take profit as the price has already hit the maximum or minimum of the day.

Lesson 4: Confluence of Supports System is going to show a special modification to the standard MACD that will increase you accuracy in the trades.

Lesson 5: Modified MACD Indicator builds on the previous lesson and shows a unique modifications to the settings that will drastically increase your winning percentage. You will be also able to spot divergences which you couldn’t with the standard MACD.

Lesson 6: Modified Stochastic will show you some unique modifications done to the standard Stochastic by Kelvin Lee that will reduce the number of false signals generated by this indicator.

Lesson 7: Gartley Pattern System will show you how to verify a valid Gartley Pattern setup and avoid getting into a losing trade. This pattern is very powerful and you need to have this pattern in your trading arsenal. Don’t miss this lesson.

Lesson 8: Elliott Wave System will teach you how to correctly identify this pattern that confuses even many pro traders. Kelvin Lee is also going to teach you how to make pips twice from the same Elliott Wave formation.

Lesson 9: Guppy Trading System is going to teach you a simple yet powerful trading strategy that will give you multiple trading opportunities in the same day.

Lesson 10: Forex Piggyback Strategy will teach you a simple trend trading strategy that has a very high reward/risk ratio and very low risk.

Lesson 11: Forex Scalping Strategy teaches a dead accurate scalping system that allows you to enter and exit positions within minutes with dead accuracy.

Lesson 12: Break The Bands Strategy will teach you a robust strategy. Kelvin Lee has made around 50 live trade examples for this strategy.

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