LST System By Vladimir Ribakov-An Automated Divergence Based Hybrid Forex Strategy!

LST System is a unique multi confirmation divergence based alert strategy developed by Vladimir Ribakov the master trader. The forex market is cyclical in nature. It goes up, reaches the top then reverses and starts going down, reaches the bottom and then again reverses and starts going up. The best method to take advantage of this cyclical nature of the forex market is to wait for a divergence pattern to develop. A divergence pattern develops when the price action is going up and the indicator is going down or the other way round when the price action is going down and the indicator is going up.

LST System automates the process of trading divergences on any timeframe for any currency pair. LST stands for Learn, Simulate and Trade. This is how you are going to trade with this LST System. Most traders are afraid of losing. But with the LST System, you only have to win 33.33% of the time in order to make a profit. What this means is that using this LST System even if you lose 7 trades out of 10, you will be in profit. Watch this video below where Vladimir Ribakov explains the Unique Money Management System of the LST System!!

LST is a multi confirmation alert signal system. Each trade alert generated by this LST System is based on 3 components. The first is the Divergence Indicator alert. This divergence indicator has been specially developed by Vladimir Ribakov and his team of expert programmers. It clearly marks the divergence pattern on the chart and eliminates all the guesswork for the trader.

LST System

In the above screenshot, you can see that the divergence pattern is clearly marked on the price action as well as the indicator. The above screenshot shows a bearish divergence pattern. This bearish divergence pattern is further confirmed with a second indicator. This the Candlestick Pattern Indicator. This Candlestick Pattern Indicator is a proprietary candlestick patterns indicators developed by Vladimir Ribakov and his team of programmers that marks very high success rate candlestick patterns. The third is the Price Tunnel Indicator.

LST System Simulator

Most traders fail because they jump into live trading without much understanding and practice of the forex strategy that they are using. So when you download the LST System, you also get full access to a forex market simulator. This LST System Simulator will help the trader to practice trading any market condition. The trader can vary the speed of the market conditions as well as the volatility on the simulator in order to practice all types of market conditions while trading with the LST System.

This LST System works on any timeframe and on any currency pair as said above. It works in both trending as well as  non trending ranging markets. The risk to reward ratio of any trade signal generated by LST System is always lower than 1/2 meaning for every pip lost, this system makes at least 2 pips. As said above the unique LST Money Management System ensures that you end up in profit with a win rate as low as 33.33%. You can try the LST System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.