Mass Pips Maker Forex System Makes On Average 60 Pips Per Day With Low Risk!

Mass Pips Maker is a low risk system that takes only 20 minutes to trade each day. After you go through this Mass Pips Maker Course, you will stop getting nervous analyzing the charts and knowing when to get in and get out of the market. Anthony Merz and Bruce Malave two ex-prop traders are the developers of this Mass Pips Maker System. The screenshot below shows this Mass Pips Maker system making 532 pips from just one trade. Now this screenshot is not showing the indicators that are used by this system to make the correct entry and the exit decisions. Making 532 pips with one standard lot means making $5,320.

Mass Pips Maker

If you are serious about making a consistent income as a forex trader, you should stop chasing forex robots and look for a simple and easy forex system that you can use to trade daily. The purpose should be to get done in less than one to two hours. What’s the point in becoming a trader if you have to sit in front of your computer for hours daily. If you are daily spending more than 2 hours in front of your computer as a forex trader, you should seriously re-evaluate your trading system. You should go for a system that can help you make a decent amount of pips daily within 30-60 minutes.

The developers of this Mass Pip Maker System say that their system takes not more than 20 minutes to trade and can make something like 60 pips on average per day. Some days can be even better when you happen to catch the big moves in the market and ride the trend making hundreds of pips just like that shown in the above screenshot. Here is another screenshot of this Mass Pip Maker System making 188 pips.

Mass Pip Maker

When you download this Mass Pips Maker Course, you will get the main system with full colored manual that is going to explain step by step everything you need to know about this system. After going through this manual, you will know when to enter and when to exit while trading with this system and how you are going to control the risk using strict money management rules.

There is a proprietary indicator as well what you call the trade alert software. This trade alert software will give you trade alerts so that you don’t even need to look at the charts for 20 minutes. Everything will be done by the trade alert software. Then there are template files and the automated installer program that will automatically install the templates and the indicator onto your MT4 program.

There is full two months of money back guarantee as well. So you can take a RISK FREE trial of this system on the demo account for two full months. Download the manual, go through the instructions and once you have understood the system, make at least 50 trades on the demo account. See how easy this system is. If you find it to be complicated and not easy, you can get a refund.